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Mikaela Banes returns to kick Decepticon butt

Those shape-shifting robots are back and this time they're angry. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has more robots than ever in a thrill-a-minute movie that doesn't disappoint.

Once again, Shia LaBeouf returns to play the hero Sam in this special effects-laden spectacular. For many though, the real star of the show is not Sam, or any of the Transformers, but Mikaela Banes, played by the gorgeous Megan Fox.

This Transformers - Megan Fox Screensaver shows the American actress in action in a scene from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Beneath the image of the sultry star is the logo of the movie. I particularly like the way the picture of Mikaela is framed by a black border at the top and bottom of the screensaver, just like a real movie.

The wallpaper doesn't actually contain any Transformers, but if you're a red-blooded male you probably won't care.


  • High quality image
  • Movie-style black border


  • No robots in it

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Transformers - Megan Fox Wallpaper


Transformers - Megan Fox Wallpaper for Mac

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